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You want the absolute best for your senior loved one, and so do we. Your parents have taken care of you, and now it's your turn. Give mom and dad a top-of-the line, private home care provider that will treat them like family. At Home Care Assistance, your loved one will be consistently matched with experienced and knowledgeable caregivers to manage their every need. 

Why choose us? We are glad you asked. When it comes time to consider home care many people have no idea where to begin. We start by pointing you in the right direction because we understand this stressful situation. Home Care Assistance will stand by your side – giving you peace of mind when you need it the most. 

We offer personalized care solutions tailored to fit your loved one's needs, ranging from 24-hour care to hourly assistance. We ensure that your loved one is matched with a certified, compassionate caregiver who will provide quality, safe, and reliable care. We know what it's like which is why you can count on us as your partner to guide you step-by-step through the journey.

Remember, we are here for you, so we invite questions. This a major decision, so we encourage you to seek us out to get all the information you need. We understand that putting your loved one into the care of someone else can be difficult. We are here to ease your anxiety. Feel free to click through our website to learn more about our programs then give us a call at 405-285-4191 to talk through your loved one’s specific care needs and concerns.


Live-In Care

Hourly Care

Memory Care

Balanced Care Method™

The senior years should be lively and long-lasting for the body, mind, and spirit. We are unique in the home care industry because our caregivers are trained in our proprietary Balanced Care Method™, focusing on healthy nutrition, physical activity, mental stimulation, social interaction and a sense of purpose to promote the highest quality of life. We believe the principles of Balanced Care can help with quality of life for anyone, regardless of the stage of life or medical issues. We support brain health with Cognitive Therapeutics™, a Home Care Assistance exclusive program that helps keep aging minds active and can help slow the progression of cognitive decline.


We are here to listen.

Unsure about the services your loved one may need? You can give us a call at 405-285-4191 so we can guide you through the care and services we provide. No commitment is necessary, and if you aren't sure Home Care Assistance is right for your loved one, that's okay. Contact us below to get all of your questions answered and learn more about how we can help.