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Caregiver Resolutions for 2015

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Providing home care for a senior loved one can be stressful, and often requires work and diligence. It’s a role that necessitates continuing education, and a dedicated attitude. With a new year ahead, compiling resolutions should be in the forefront of one’s mind. Here are some tips and suggestions about how to become an even better caregiver in 2015.
A wise adage follows: asking for help is the mark of maturity. Caring for a loved one can become complicated and time-consuming. While one might feel the urge to jump in and do everything, this simply isn’t possible a lot of the time. The first step is to list out all of your loved one’s needs. It sounds easier than it might actually be, but once you’ve accomplished this task, you’ll have a comprehensive resource to follow. After determining which tasks you believe you can complete, talk to relatives, friends and professional caregivers in Oklahoma to help with the rest. This will not only improve your life, but will increase the overall quality of care your loved one receives.

Next, but certainly not least, is making sure you take care of your own needs. If you’re not able to help yourself, you certainly won’t be able to provide quality care to the person your assisting. Signs of caregiver strain include fluctuations in weight, disrupted sleeping patterns, and losing interest in activities you typically enjoy. In order to combat these issues, you’ll need to take time for yourself. This could be as simple as asking for additional assistance. However, if this is not possible, support groups are a good place to go for advice when dealing with caregiver burn out.

Finally, one needs to accept his or her emotions. Caregiving involves grief, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that – it’s especially prominent if your loved one is experiencing a terminal illness. Anger can also arise because you’ve had to put a hold on other aspects of your life, and sadness can erupt because your loved one is suffering. The first step is acceptance. It’s a tumultuous ride, but promising yourself to acknowledge this and go through it is a step in the right direction.

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