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6 Fun Activities to Boost Arm Strength in the Elderly

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As your parents age, they may start to lose arm strength and flexibility. Oklahoma senior care providers discuss 6 simple everyday activities to help seniors regain and maintain their arm strength.

1. Gardening

Gardening is a wholesome activity many seniors enjoy, as it allows them to go outside and grow high-quality food for the table. Hoeing, watering, and harvesting can help your loved one keep his or her arm muscles strong. 

2. Bowling

Many seniors enjoy bowling. This activity can be more fun with a group of friends and the help of professional caregivers in Oklahoma. Throwing the ball can enhance arm strength. Seniors are often too engrossed in the fun to realize they are boosting their arm strength every time they bowl.

3. Swimming

Whether at an indoor or outdoor pool, swimming is an important workout for the arms. Lap swimming can stimulate different muscles in your loved one’s arms. If your aging parent is in good health, consider challenging him or her to a lap.   

4. Taking Care of a Dog

Brushing and taking the dog out for a walk can help strengthen arm muscles in seniors. Lifting food can also stimulate arm muscles and make them strong and flexible. Consider buying a medium-maintenance canine companion for your aging loved one to help him or her regain arm strength.  

5. Dancing

Listening to music is a good way to relax. You can make this activity even more special by taking your aging loved one to a dance. Dipping and swinging movements can help build your senior loved one’s arm muscles, and everyone can have a great time together. 

6. Golfing

Swinging and carrying bags makes golf another good hobby for building arm muscles. To help your loved one regain his or her muscle elasticity, advise him or her not to ask for a caddy.

While all these activities may sound fun, you may not have enough time to participate in them with your senior loved one. If you’re on a busy schedule, reach out to Home Care Assistance for help. Our professional hourly and live-in Oklahoma caregivers encourage and assist seniors with exercise and a variety of other daily activities. Call one of our friendly Care Managers at 405-285-4191 to learn more about our customized senior care plans for live-in or respite assistance.

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