How to Serve the Right Meal to Your Seniors


Nutrition is the primary key that helps us live healthily. It applies to all ages. The type of nutrients does vary from age to age. For obvious reasons, the nutrients a child needs would not be the same as an adult or a senior. The right meal in the right proportion of nutrients is required for seniors to stay healthy.

When people grow older, they become less capable of caring for themselves. That is why they need sufficient support. Caring for seniors can’t be done by just anyone. Seniors require a certain diet, medication, and have several restrictions as per their health condition; to maintain those, you need an experienced person to care for them. At Home Care Assistance in Edmond, we have trained caregivers that have years of experience caring for seniors and their diet.

Here is how having an experienced caregiver can help keep your seniors' diet on track.

Understanding the Proper Diet

According to the age and the health condition of the individual senior, a specific diet is prescribed. An experienced person having a clear idea about the diet that is variable per the age and health condition would be required to support the senior. Some individuals might have difficulties chewing and swallowing solid food. Anything that is spicy cannot be served. The amount of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, etc. should be in the right proportion according to the individuals age. Because diet is so important and particular, it is best to have a professional oversee it.



It is possible for seniors to ignore your suggestion or make requests to have certain food in their diet. They might be reluctant to avoid foods which are harmful to their health at this age. As they are your loved ones, you might find it difficult to be strict with them. An outside party will be able to set boundaries with their diet and stick to them.

Be Patience

You can’t be impatient with your children as they barely understand the intention behind what you're saying. The same goes for seniors. In old age, some people become stubborn unnecessarily. However, being impatient will only make the situation worse. Having a trusted caregiver that has a passion for senior care on your side will give you the peace you need to work with your loved one until he or she is ready to accept help fully.

Rely on Home Care Assistance in Edmond to help you serve the right meal to your seniors.