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Stroke Care: Assessing Needs at Home

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After a stroke, seniors often face emotional, cognitive, and physical challenges during the recovery period. To make your loved one’s residence more conducive to a safe and effective recovery, the Oklahoma home care experts recommend performing a careful assessment of the home environment so the appropriate changes can be made before he or she returns.

General Home Modifications

When mobility is affected, families will need to make sure the steps leading into the home are free from trip hazards, slick areas need to be covered with a non-slip surface, any area rugs should be removed, and electrical cords tucked away from walkways. Handrails should also be checked for security both inside and outside of the house.

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom can be a hazardous place for individuals with physical limitations, so extra care should be taken when evaluating this area of the home. Consider adding the following for additional safety and comfort:

  • Grab bars for the tub
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Shower chairs
  • Non-skid bath mats
  • Hand-held shower heads

Kitchen Modifications

The kitchen can be made more user-friendly for senior stroke survivors by moving frequently used items to shelves and areas that are easy to reach. Nothing should be kept in areas that require using a step stool for access or that cause the patient to over-reach and potentially lose his or her balance. If the stove’s knobs are at the back of the appliance, family members may want to consider switching it for a model that has the knobs in the front.

Additional Assistance

Before your loved one returns home, it is wise for your family to make provisions for extra help around the house. Friends and family can devise a schedule amongst themselves or arrange for professional caregivers who can provide part-time or live-in care in Edmond, Oklahoma, and the surrounding communities.

If you have other questions about caring for a senior parent, grandparent, or loved one after a stroke, contact Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma. We are a trusted provider of in-home stroke care in Oklahoma, offering flexible care schedules with no long-term contracts required. Call us at (405) 285-4191 and request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager today and find out how a trained stroke caregiver could benefit your loved one and family.

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