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Can a Simple Pill Keep You Feeling Young?

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Since the days of famous Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, people have been looking for various methods of inhibiting or reversing the effects of the natural aging process. Humans have had little hope until MIT researcher Dr. Lenny Guarente made an interesting discovery. After decades of studying aging, the scientist created a pill containing all-natural ingredients that has proven to produce amazing results for seniors and Oklahoma at-home caregivers alike.

Accompanied by Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli, the team uncovered a group of enzymes associated with metabolism known as sirtuins. Working in the Center for Scientific Aging Research at MIT, Guarente administered these enzymes to mice and other laboratory animals. The compounds succeeded in extending the lifespan among the animals who were given these enzymes.

A group of scientists from Harvard continued studying sirtuins and learned that one enzyme in particular known as NAD actually possesses the ability to reverse cellular aging. After administering the enzyme to laboratory animals for a period of one week, cells and tissues of two-year-old mice more closely resembled those of mice aged six months. With respect to humans, the results might equate to transforming the cells and tissues of a 60-year-old individual into tissues resembling those found in someone decades younger. However, as of yet clinical trials have not involved human participants.

Guarente and his Elysium Health associates named their discovery formulation Basis. As the supplement is created using natural, OTC components, the group also has the benefit of manufacturing their pills without enduring years of trials and the lengthy FDA approval process.

Since learning about the profound effects of the enzyme, more than 30 scientists specializing in the field of aging have come on board to assist the researchers as advisors to hasten the launch of the Elysium Health product. The group now includes Dr. Eric Kandel and Dr. Tom Sudhof who have both been recipients of the Nobel Prize for medicine.

Though aging is not considered a medical condition, the deterioration of cells commonly leads to cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes and consequently requires seniors to turn to Oklahoma home care agencies for help. Guarente and associates are more interested in the enzyme for its potential to keep people healthier rather than younger.

You can help your loved one achieve longevity and wellbeing with help from Home Care Assistance. Not only do we enable seniors to age gracefully while maintaining their independence, but we also provide flexible Alzheimer’s, dementia, and elderly stroke care in Oklahoma to help our clients overcome the complications of illness and injury. Contact a professional Care Manager at 405-285-4191 today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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