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Navigating the Brain and Its Relationship to Dementia Using a Mobile Game

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Statistics indicate that approximately 45 million adults live with dementia or. By the year 2050, this number is expected to increase to 135 million. There are many reasons why seniors might require assistance from dementia caregivers in Oklahoma, including medications or systemic infections. However, treatment options concerning dementia that comes with Alzheimer’s are limited. In an attempt to better understand how the brain functions under normal conditions, as well as being able to detect the first signs of trouble that necessitate treatment, a group of neuro-engineers recently developed a video game that may finally help us understand how the brain relates to these cognitive disorders.

Sea Hero Quest

The multi-platform game was created to help neuroscientists better understand the spatial navigation that occurs in the brain. The video game also detects the difference between normal cognitive function and the first signs of dementia. All adults are welcome to play the game, which puts the player in the role of a sea-going traveler. The player’s objective is to travel around the world in search of specific artifacts or memories needed by a parent. During the course of the adventure, the ship travels to five different locations.

The Importance of the Game

As each player advances through the game of mazes, the data is received and recorded by researchers. The data appears in the form of a heat map. Every move and choice made is automatically and securely recorded. If thousands of adults play the game, researchers get that much closer to creating a functional database. In this way, as scientists acquire data, they are better able to determine the difference between normal and abnormal brain function.

Researchers propose that if 100,000 adults play Sea Hero Quest for a minimum of two minutes each, they have the possibility of obtaining up to 50 years worth of vital information. The optimal goal is to have enough information to not only diagnose dementia but to also develop more effective treatment options for those who require at-home Alzheimer’s care in Oklahoma.

While researchers work hard to better understand the disease, seniors and their families have Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma to turn to for help. We provide trusted elderly care in Oklahoma that includes flexible Alzheimer’s and dementia care, which are specifically designed to stimulate cognitive function and promote mental and emotional wellbeing. Contact us at 405-285-4191 today to learn more about our comprehensive Alzheimer’s and dementia services and schedule a free consultation today.

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