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3 Things You Need to Know About Dementia

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A diagnosis of dementia for an aging parent or loved one can feel devastating for the whole family. While dementia is a serious condition, there is more hope for treatment today than ever before. As you start to formulate a plan of care with your family doctor, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. This is not the end. With help from new technologies and medical advancements, there are numerous treatments available to aid in slowing the progression of dementia. For dementia related to Alzheimer’s disease, oral medications such as Aricept and Namenda are available, and the Exelon patch can be used so that medication can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. All are safe treatments that can help to preserve memory and stave off cognitive defects for seniors with dementia. Seniors can also maintain their dignity, independence and regular routines by utilizing professional and specialized Oklahoma home care services. Reliable care providers will be able to ensure patient safety and comfort, without asking the senior to leave home.
  2. Take advantage of therapy. Just because your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to actively combat the disease. Centers across the country have opened with the express purpose of helping seniors with dementia maintain or improve their mental status. Part of these treatment plans typically involve cognitive exercises that help with memory retention and overall mental function. If your loved one is unable to travel to a specialized center, learn more about the Cognitive Therapeutics Method offered by Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma. This in-home program utilizes more than 300 interventions and techniques to promote memory and cognition and is one of the many services included with hourly and live-in care.
  3. You can make a difference. A diagnosis can be emotional and frightening for a family member, especially one who steps in to provide care at home. While there may be days where you feel helpless as a caregiver, it is important to remember that you can make a difference. Learn all you can about the disease from nutritious meal preparation to how to cope with changes in mood or behavior. The more you know, the better you will be able to care and meet the needs of your aging loved one. Also, focus on care beyond physical needs and be a support system whenever you can. Ensuring your loved one’s emotional health can also make an enormous difference in their ability to fight off cognitive decline.

For more information about dementia home care in Oklahoma, contact Home Care Assistance. Our dementia caregivers have the qualities, experience and training to effectively care for clients with memory loss in Edmond, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Call 405-285-4191 to speak with a Care Manager and schedule a free, in-home dementia consultation today.

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