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5 Ways to Lessen Symptoms of Arthritis

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Arthritis is one of the most common health complaints among older adults. It is a painful disease that attacks the joints throughout the body causing stiffness, swelling, and a decreased range of motion. The following suggestions from Home Care Assistance in Oklahoma can help ease your loved one’s painful symptoms.

1.  Eat Well

What people eat really does affect how they feel, and this has never been truer than for a senior who has arthritis. Power foods like omega-3-rich fish, soybeans, extra virgin olive oil, cherries, broccoli, citrus, and garlic help strengthen bones while fighting joint inflammation. Keeping off those extra pounds also helps take pressure off of the joints.

2. Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise is important for seniors who experience arthritis pain. It helps improve flexibility, diminishes joint pain, combats fatigue, controls weight, and keeps the muscles around the joints strong. Low-impact exercises such as walking and water workouts are recommended for optimal results.

3. Stop Smoking

Cigarettes contain toxins that are stressful on the connective tissues of the joints. There are studies that show a definitive causal link between tobacco users and the development of arthritis in seniors. If your loved one smokes, speak with his or her physician about effective smoking cessation programs.

4. Invest in Assistive Devices

Seniors with arthritis find their joints become weaker and more sensitive over time. Using supportive devices such as shoe inserts, braces, splints, canes, and walkers help seniors live a fuller more active life.

5. Try Natural Solutions

Many people prefer to follow a holistic approach to their arthritis treatments and have done so with great success. Acupuncture treatments are an option to help reduce arthritis pain while restoring the body’s natural energies, and meditation and relaxation techniques are often used to help seniors manage their symptoms. Sometimes, it is the simplest methods that help older adults with arthritis enjoy life to the fullest.

If your senior loved one could benefit from an extra hand around the house, reach out to Home Care Assistance in Oklahoma. Our caregivers are expertly trained to help with a wide variety of daily tasks from cooking to transportation. Our care services also extend to seniors who experience other mobility challenges, including post-stroke care and Parkinson’s care in Oklahoma. To learn more, call a knowledgeable Care Manager at 405-285-4191 and schedule your free in-home consultation.

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