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Why Do Seniors Prefer Home Care?

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The aging process brings about many challenges. Perhaps one of the most important is how to receive necessary support and assistance to ensure safety and health. When it comes to this, there are many options available, but most seniors express a preference for home care in Oklahoma. Exploring the reasons for this preference can help families to make short and long-term care decisions for their aging loved ones.

Home is a comfortable place for seniors. It provides an environment they are familiar with, and it allows them to stay close to family, friends and beloved pets. Often times, seniors have an emotional connection to their home as it is the place where they have raised their children, celebrated holidays and made countless lifelong memories. In contrast, moving to an assisted living facility means leaving all these things behind and becoming accustomed to new and unfamiliar surroundings, which can be stressful and intimidating.

Seniors also have routines and lifestyles that they are accustomed to. Facility life often dictates that seniors adjust to a routine that is decided by the nursing, management and activities staff. Others decide what time of day to eat, what activities are available and when residents see doctors, spend time in common areas or visit with family and friends. At home, seniors can set their own hours and decide on their own activities. In home caregivers can be scheduled at any time of day or night, and this further allows seniors to follow their own schedules.

Another benefit of in-home care is one-on-one attention. Maintaining dignity is easier to accomplish when services are offered in a personal, one-on-one fashion. Seniors are also empowered and encouraged to maintain their highest level of independence through individualized care which is often available on an as needed basis, also known as hourly home care in Oklahoma. Even excellent facilities with low patient to staff ratios cannot offer tailored care in the same way that professional and compassionate home caregivers can.

When thinking about the appropriate care option for an aging loved one, also keep in mind how they might be feeling. The aging process can leave a senior experiencing a range of emotions from sadness and regret to worry and even anger. If warning signs indicate that minimal or full-time assistance is needed to ensure their safety and comfort, try to include them in the care decision to ensure not only what’s best, but something they are comfortable and happy with.

For more information about home care services nearest you, contact Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma. We have a team of devoted caregivers and Care Managers who are dedicated to providing the quality care needed for seniors to continue living in the comfort of home. Call 405-285-4191 to speak with a devoted Care Manager and learn more about our flexible care plans as well as our specialty services including stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Oklahoma.

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