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5 Common Triggers That Affect Dementia

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Controlling some environmental factors may help make seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s less irritable and combative. Focusing on the triggers that Oklahoma dementia at-home caregivers can control often makes caregiving much easier. Following are five of the most common environmental triggers that exacerbate dementia symptoms.

1. Temperature

If a senior is too hot or cold, then they are likely to become irritable. Instead of focusing on his or her behavior, focus on the things that you can do to help your loved one be more comfortable. Provide personal space heaters or fans and make sure he or she dresses appropriately for the weather to avoid irritability.

2. Privacy

Seniors who must give up their privacy because of their limitations often become aggravated. Try to find ways to give your loved one as much privacy as possible while still providing a safe and comfortable environment.

3. Memory

It can be very hard to realize that you may never be able to trust your senior loved one to take care of important things again because he or she may not remember where he or she put them. Remember to keep your focus on what your loved one can do so that you can enjoy as many moments as possible with him or her.

4. Noise

Many seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s have trouble with noise. Therefore, Oklahoma Alzheimer’s caregivers need to keep the environment as quiet as possible. If you cannot create a quiet environment, then consider headphones or earplugs for your senior loved one.

5. Visual Hallucinations

Many seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s believe they see things that are not really there. Control the environment by adding as much light as possible. If photos become a problem for your loved one, then remove them. Likewise, you may need to cover the mirror.

Focusing on what you can control in the environment gives you time to deal with those things that are beyond your immediate control. The result is that you will enjoy time spent with your senior. If you could use some time to yourself, however, turn to Home Care Assistance. We provide flexible respite at-home care Oklahoma families need to take time for themselves while their loved ones are taken care of at home. Call 405-285-4191 today to learn more about our comprehensive dementia care and how it boosts senior cognition.

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