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Does Pitaya Benefit Senior Health?

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Pitaya is the technical name for the fruit that is more commonly known as a dragon fruit. They are renowned for their bright pink skin and soft white interior. In addition to looking exotic, these cactus fruits are also extremely healthy. Their high levels of nutrients and other health benefits make them a great snack for seniors who want to stay healthy. When live-in and hourly caregivers in Oklahoma encourage seniors to eat pitaya, they can expect the following health benefits.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

One serving of this colorful fruit has just 60 calories and it is packed with fiber that keeps you feeling full for a long period of time. Therefore, dragon fruit is an ideal snack choice for seniors who want to lose or avoid gaining weight.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Post-stroke caregivers in Oklahoma can reduce the likelihood of a second stroke by encouraging seniors to eat pitaya. It helps prevent heart disease and stroke because the monounsaturated fats in dragon fruit lower bad cholesterol levels while boosting high cholesterol levels.

Great Source of Vitamin C

Just 3.5 ounces of dragon fruit has three times as much vitamin C as a serving size of carrots. This essential nutrient helps to boost the immune system, aids the body in healing wounds and maintains healthy skin and bones.

Prevent Arthritis Pain

Dragon fruit contains some anti-inflammatory compounds that can benefit seniors with arthritis. A lot of the pain and stiffness of arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints, but pitaya can help to reduce this inflammation on a cellular level.

Reduce Diabetes Symptoms

Most diabetics worry about eating fruit because high sugar levels can trigger issues. However, the high levels of fiber in pitaya make the body absorb this fruit very slowly, so diabetics can have a sweet snack without dealing with blood sugar spikes.

With help from a trusted provider of elderly care in Oklahoma, your loved one can learn to eat nutritious foods that benefit his or her health. Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma provides flexible live-in, hourly, and respite care that encourages seniors to eat healthy, exercise daily, boost cognitive function, and maintain an active social life. Call us today at 405-285-4191 to learn how our comprehensive services benefit your loved one.

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