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Best Foods for Elderly Men

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While proper nutrition is important for all seniors, some foods can provide the nutritional boost senior men need to counter age-related changes in digestion and metabolism while also reducing certain health risks associated with age. Here are a few of the best foods for men over 65, presented by Home Care Assistance Oklahoma.


Most fruits are beneficial for seniors in one way or another, although blueberries have an extremely high flavonoid content. Flavonoids are molecules found in fruits like berries that are known antioxidants, which can help senior men retain short-term and long-term memory capabilities.

Red Grapes

Resveratrol is a natural anti-inflammatory agent found in red grapes that can help senior men retain elasticity in their skin. Compounds within red grapes may also reduce the risk of developing skin cancer by offering protection from harmful UV rays.


According to one estimate, nearly 80 percent of senior men carry a few more pounds than what’s considered ideal for their age. Barley is considered one of the best whole grains for promoting the loss of pesky abdominal fat. Barley is also a great source of protein for senior men.

Black Beans

The risk of developing prostate cancer, one of the most common and treatable forms of cancer among senior men, can be reduced by eating foods high in dietary fiber, like black beans. The high fiber content also helps speed up digestion, helping eliminate carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) from the digestive tract. The folic acid in black beans helps repair cell damage.

Hard Cheeses

Even senior men are at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis (a condition where bones become weak and brittle) with age. Hard cheeses like Parmesan are an excellent source calcium needed to strengthen aging bones. These cheeses are also a natural source of probiotics, the good bacteria that helps with digestion.

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