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How Seniors Can Beat Winter Blues

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For seniors and their families alike, the time following December holidays can be challenging. As the beginning of the New Year is typically characterized by a swift decrease in the number of social gatherings and an increase in snow fall, seniors frequently find themselves confined to the home this time of year. To help ensure your elderly loved one doesn’t experience feelings of isolation, depression, and loneliness that are typical around this time of year, Oklahoma Home Care Assistance offers these three ways to stave off winter blues.

 1. AttendRegular Family Dinners

If your senior loved one lives nearby, consider making a New Year’s resolution to hold a family dinner with your elderly relative and other family members once a week. Even if you are unable to sustain a weekly dinner schedule beyond January, offering your company during this frequently lonely time of year can help your senior loved one stave of feelings of loneliness.

2. Make Skype Dates

Whether you and your senior relative live close or far, during the winter high levels of snowfall can make leaving the home for visits dangerous–if not impossible. Avoid the stress of making your loved one drive in winter conditions and plan Skype dates instead. An easy-to-install program that works on PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets, Skype offers an easy and free way to speak face-to-face without leaving the comforts and safety of home.

3. Visit Local Senior Centers

Encourage your elderly loved one to join a senior center nearby as a way to mitigate any potential feelings of depression or boredom. Many centers offer moreactivities in the early months of the year, providing seniors a way to stay socially engaged.Senior centers also frequently offer activities that support physical and mental health, like yoga, Zumba, and more, making joining a senior center an excellent way to help your loved one promote his or her health and reach any New Year’s weight-loss goals.

You might also consider hiring a part-time or live-in caregiver in Oklahoma during the winter months who can provide safety monitoring, run errands, offer companionship, and ensure your loved one is happy and healthy as the temperatures drop. For more information, call Home Care Assistance at 405-285-4191 and request a complimentary in-home consultation.

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