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High Dose of Flu Vaccine Safe & Effective for Seniors

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A recent study conducted at Vanderbilt University found that high doses of the flu vaccination, containing up to four times higher quantity of antigens than the standard flu vaccination, has proven effective in preventing the flu in seniors.

According to the Vanderbilt study, Fluzone high-dose produces a higher number of antibodies to the flu, and this results in an improved defense system that effectively protects the over 65 population from getting sick when flu season hits. This is the first flu vaccination to use stronger doses to increase immune response, and it is receiving a favorable response from the medical community.

Many individuals might ask themselves why this is important. As a leading provider of in-home care in Oklahoma, we know the devastating effects the flu can have on a senior’s health and wellness. According to the Center for Disease Control, the flu results in as many as 49,000 deaths each year. Seniors are among the highest risk group when it comes to suffering complications from the flu, up to and including death – a result of their sometimes dampened immune systems and other health conditions they are often facing. While there are effective treatments available when it comes to flu recovery, the best line of defense continues to be prevention.

Preventing the flu is important for seniors who wish to age in place and remain independent. A serious flu epidemic increases the potential for seniors to face long term hospitalizations that often result in increased feelings of depression and physical setbacks including loss of mobility, balance concerns and increased risk of falls. High-dose flu vaccinations provide one line of defense against the flu, and they can be an important component in maintaining health and vitality.

As with all vaccinations, it is important to weigh the risks and benefits before moving forward with any type of treatment. If you are over 65, consult with your physician to see if the Fluzone vaccination is the right choice for you.

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