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5 Ways Aquatic Exercises Relieve Arthritis

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Seniors living with arthritis often have difficulty with posture, muscle strength, flexibility, and more. However, aquatic exercise is a good way to alleviate these issues. Here are some of the ways aquatic exercises can alleviate arthritis symptoms for aging adults. 

1. Reduce Muscle Pain 

One of the biggest issues seniors experience with arthritis is pain. At times, the pain may make it difficult to move around during the day or sleep comfortably throughout the night. Participating in aquatic exercises can help aging adults with osteoporosis and other forms of arthritis reduce muscle pain. The multi-directional moves used in aquatic exercises can pump nutrients to the joints and alleviate joint and muscle pain caused by arthritis. The constant pain your loved one is experiencing now may be reduced significantly over time. 

Every senior living with arthritis deserves high-quality home care. If your senior loved one needs help managing an illness or assistance with daily tasks, make sure you choose a top-rated home care company. Oklahoma City Home Care Assistance is here to help your loved one live a happier and healthier life in the golden years. From the mentally stimulating activities in our Cognitive Therapeutics Method to our friendly Care Managers who are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, we offer a wide array of high-quality at-home care services.

2. Burn Calories 

The amount of weight placed on your loved one’s knees, hips, feet, and other joints could cause discomfort. Aquatic exercise can help seniors burn calories, lose body fat, and stay in good physical shape, which alleviates arthritis, increases mobility, prevents future damage to the joints, and slows the progression of the condition.

3. Ease Stiffness

When it comes to arthritis pain, cold and hot therapy treatments can make a significant difference, especially in the mornings and early afternoons. Cooler temperatures can ease stiffness in the joints. Keep in mind the water is cooler than your loved one’s body temperature, meaning the heat will flow away from the body and prevent excessive sweating. 

4. Lessen Joint Impact

The buoyancy of water can reduce joint loading and help seniors manage chronic pain easier. If your loved one has had surgeries related to arthritis, such as knee surgery, he or she will need to continue working out. Your loved one needs to find low-impact exercises that lessen the pressure placed on the joints. Aquatic exercises can lessen joint impact while providing the body with the physical activity necessary to increase muscle and joint strength. 

Professional caregivers can help your loved one manage arthritis and offer you peace of mind. Caring for a senior loved one can be rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming for family caregivers who have other responsibilities they need to focus on. For these families, the perfect solution is respite care. Oklahoma City families rely on our caregivers whenever they need time to rest, work, run errands, and even go on vacation.

5. Increase Mobility 

When exercising in water, seniors can move freely. The more your loved one works out in the water, the less stiffness he or she will experience in the joints. Instead of being uncomfortable and facing balance and flexibility issues, your loved one will be able to move easily. Doing aquatic exercises could also keep your loved one’s back limber.

Older adults who need help managing the symptoms of arthritis can benefit from professional in-home care. An Oklahoma City caregiver can help your elderly loved one manage his or her health in a variety of ways. If your loved one needs encouragement to exercise more often, eat healthier foods, or socialize on a regular basis, an in-home caregiver can address these and many other health-related concerns. To create a customized in-home care plan for your senior loved one, call Home Care Assistance at 405-285-4191 today.

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