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Cancer Screening: Why Is It So Important?

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The reason that cancer is becoming such a common health condition is because people are beginning to live longer. As a person ages, it becomes more and more likely for their skin and organ cells to mutate into cancerous cells. Since cancer is more common among the elderly, regular cancer screenings are absolutely essential. Here are a few important reasons Oklahoma elder care providers should encourage their loved ones to get checked out.

Greater Survival Rate

When cancer is diagnosed while it is still in the early stages of growth, it is far more likely that the individual will survive. For example, stage one breast cancer has a five-year survival rate of almost 100 percent, whereas stage four breast cancer only has a five-year survival rate of 20 percent.

More Time to Plan

When cancer goes diagnosed until it obviously affects quality of life, seniors do not have a lot of time left to plan ahead for cancer treatments and part-time home care in Oklahoma. The early warning provided by a cancer screening that diagnoses the disease at an early stage allows people plenty of time to make plans and decide on the best course for treatment.

Effective Treatment

When cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, it is typically a small clump of cells that can be easily removed through surgery. This type of cancer treatment is far easier on a fragile elderly person than the chemotherapy and radiation dosages required for cancer that has spread throughout the body. The early diagnosis given by screening also helps elderly people to seek treatment before any other age-related health issues appear that will otherwise complicate cancer treatment.

Preventative Measures

Some cancer screening methods are so effective that they can be used to prevent certain types of cancer entirely. Colorectal cancer screening is almost entirely preventable because colorectal cancers typically start as benign growths that can easily be removed during a colonoscopy before they become malignant.

In order to promote senior health and longevity, it’s important to encourage your loved one to get regularly screened for cancer and other common disorders. Should your loved receive a diagnosis, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma. We are a leading provider of home care services including post-stroke, dementia, and Alzheimer’s home care for seniors in Oklahoma. Our highly trained caregivers help seniors accomplish wellbeing and independence while offering assistance with personal care, housekeeping, nutrition, and exercise. Schedule a free in-home consultation by calling 405-285-4191 today and speaking with an experienced Care Manager.

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