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Maintaining a Positive Outlook into Your Golden Years

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It should come as no surprise that having a positive attitude can affect several aspects of health and wellbeing. What most people may not know though, is that this may hold even truer as we age. Several studies have reported that seniors who maintain a positive outlook on life live longer and are generally healthier and happier than those who do not. So how can seniors and older adults maintain a positive outlook as they embark on their golden years? Here are a few simple tips presented by the Oklahoma senior home care experts at Home Care Assistance:

  • Take Time to Reminisce – With age comes an insight to the past. This applies to experiences that have been both good and bad. Reminiscing about the good times, achievements and accomplishments made in one’s life can help evoke positive feelings about where the individual is in life today. Even looking at past mistakes, and how the individual has grown can be beneficial. In fact, the Journal of Neuroscience published a study that supports the idea that reminiscing or daydreaming can help to improve a senior’s performance of certain daily activities, as the individual allows the brain to rest and to later refocus on the tasks at hand. To help encourage your loved one to take a trip down memory lane, pull out some old photo albums to look through together and see what stories your loved one has to share.
  • Look to the Positive – Advancing age does not guarantee health problems or limited mobility, but the fact is, many seniors may grapple with some limitations. Maintaining a positive outlook for seniors with limited mobility may be as easy as taking the time to shift their focus on what they still can do. Ask for their help with daily activities, even those as simple as washing the dishes or folding laundry. Also, include them in the planning of activities for the day. Doing so can help to increase feelings of worth and self-esteem, things that can aid in promoting overall quality of life.
  • Stay as Active as Possible – Enjoying physical activities at an older age offers more than just health benefits. Exercising regularly releases chemicals from the brain that are associated with happy thoughts and feelings. As a matter of fact, routine physical activity cannot only boost the mood, but can also be effective in managing depression. Taking a short walk or taking a few minutes out of the day to do light stretches just a few days a week can help mom or dad feel better, physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Embrace Social Relationships – Studies show that people who are able to remain connected with the world around them are generally happier and healthier. And with the help of technology, seniors can easily stay in touch with friends and family no matter where they are in the world via phone calls, video chats and email. If you feel like your aging parent or loved one may be isolated in his or her home, it may be time to consider companionship care. With companionship care, a friendly and highly trained Oklahoma caregiver can assist your loved one with daily activities, while also offering a listening ear. In many cases, caregivers form meaningful and genuine friendships with their clients!

At Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma, we encourage our caregivers to cultivate close relationships with their clients, sharing laughs and reminiscing about the past. If you are interested in learning more about senior wellness or in-home care services, call 405-285-4191 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager today.

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