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Overcoming Fatigue with Fitness Routines

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Starting a new exercise routine after a period of inactivity can be challenging at any age. However, seniors may find it especially discouraging to discover that fatigue interferes with their ability to meet their goals. If you or an aging loved one are having trouble staying motivated during your workouts, here are the top five tips to help overcome fatigue with a new exercise routine.

Get a Friend Involved
Spending time in conversation has a way of making time fly. Seniors who find that boredom contributes to their fatigue can invite a loved one or professional Oklahoma caregiver to participate in their exercise program. Adding a social component can also provide the encouragement one needs to move past feelings of fatigue.

Incorporate Play
Long, boring workouts will make it harder to summon up the energy to get fit. Instead of counting knee bends, try adding an element of play to a fitness routine. For example, toss a ball back and forth with a friend, or join a sports team for seniors.

Create a Soundtrack
Exercising to an upbeat soundtrack will help to alleviate boredom while increasing energy. Technologically savvy seniors can create a playlist for their preferred music player, or they can burn a CD with their favorite tunes. When making a soundtrack, be sure the first and last songs are perfect for warming up and cooling down. Then, add a few faster tracks in the middle when energy tends to lag.

Chart Progress
If fatigue has a senior ending their workouts early, then using a chart to demonstrate progress can help them to stay motivated for finishing. A chart can be made using a smartphone fitness app, or a traditional wall calendar can be used to mark off each completed day of exercise. Be sure to add in a special reward after a week of finished workouts such as a visit to a favorite location.

Try Mini-Workouts 
Those who are new to exercise or recovering from a recent bout of illness or surgical procedure may benefit from breaking up their fitness routine into smaller workouts. Generally, two to three mini-workouts will equal a full-length one. This can allow a person to gradually build up their stamina until they are comfortable with a longer fitness routine.

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