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Preparing Your Elderly Loved One for Surgery

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Over 15 million surgeries are carried out every single year on patients that are over the age of 65. While elderly patients do have a higher risk of post-op complications, here are some pre-op tips that will promote your elderly relative’s health and safety both during and after surgery.

Research the Procedure

The single best thing that a family can do for their loved one is to research the procedure. Seniors and their families should take special care to understand what type of anesthetics will be used, how long the procedure will last, and what the recovery will be like. Armed with this information, the likelihood of post-op complications will decrease.

Provide Complete Medical History and List of Current Medications

The physician will ask for a comprehensive list of the patient’s medication and medical history. Getting an early start in gathering this information will ensure no medication or minor procedure is forgotten. Although your loved one’s current medications and condition are the most important information for the surgeon, previous surgeries and medical problems may have some impact on the surgery as well.

Follow Pre-Op Instructions Closely

Every single procedure is different, and the doctor will give unique instructions pertinent to your loved one and the surgery he or she is preparing for. Even seemingly minor instructions such as steering clear of homeopathic medication for a week could have a major impact on the surgery and its results. If you are unsure about any instructions, immediately contact the physician for clarification.

Reach Out for Support from Family and Friends

Creating a support team is another way to make these procedures as stress-free as possible, but this will require planning ahead. The patient’s family should reach out to friends and loved ones for help with rides, meal plans, and watching over the patient as they recover. If necessary, consider a trusted provider of home care in Oklahoma. Trained caregivers are typically available 24/7 to assist with post-surgery needs and ensure patient comfort.

Make your aging loved one’s post-surgery recovery as efficient and comfortable as possible with help from Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of hourly, live-in, dementia, and Alzheimer’s home care in Oklahoma. Our caregivers can be present at the hospital to take notes and ensure a smooth discharge, help with everyday tasks around the home, run errands, pick up medications, and offer emotional support during this sensitive time. For more information, call a dedicated Care Manager at 405-285-4191.

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