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How to Naturally Ease Seasonal Affective Disorder

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About 20 out of 100 people experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which can occur in the winter and make people lethargic and depressed. While doctors did not officially diagnose this condition until 1984, people have tried various natural treatments for it over hundreds of years. If your senior loved one is experiencing SAD, here are a few tips from Oklahoma senior home care professionals that may prevent the condition or alleviate its symptoms. 

Change the Diet

During summer, most people can adequate vitamin D from the sun. With shorter sunlight hours in the winter, vitamin intake may become difficult. Since serotonin usually tests low in seniors with SAD, consider adding eggs, pineapple, and cheese to your loved one’s diet to make up for the vitamin D loss.

Increase Natural Light

Many seniors try to keep their house shut tight in the winter to conserve energy. If there is sunlight outside, encourage your loved one to open up the curtains and let the light come in. Move your loved one’s chair closer to the window so he or she can enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Encourage Exercise

Doctors claim working up a sweat can help seniors with SAD. Make sure you and your loved one are exercising together on a regular basis. Put on some music and dance to it, play an exercise DVD, or enjoy a brisk walk around the block with your aging loved one. 

Use Essential Oils

One of the many signs of SAD is the desire to sleep all the time. Consider using essential oils to help your loved one stay awake. 

Wear Bright Colors

Wearing bright colors on the shortest days can help lift your loved one’s mood. Orange and reds can be helpful. If there is a dark room in your senior loved one’s home, consider lightening it up with a coat of paint. 

Persistent depression may lead to cognitive impairment and memory loss in seniors. For high-quality respite care for seniors with SAD and dementia home care, Oklahoma families rely on Home Care Assistance. Our trademark Balanced Care Method focuses on nutritious food, social stimulation, and physical exercises to promote longevity and wellbeing in seniors. To learn more about this method, call us today at 405-285-4191.

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