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The Real Cost of Private Hire Caregivers

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Seniors often require some level of assistance to remain at home independently. In some cases, seniors and their families choose to privately hire support due to the perceived cost savings involved with bypassing an agency. While budget is a factor when hiring someone to help, it is equally important to consider the many ramifications of privately hiring caregivers in Oklahoma.
Private caregivers are friends, neighbors or members of the community with a desire to help seniors. While these individuals may have the best of intentions, they often lack the training and expertise of professional caregivers. This often means they are unprepared to deal with common senior health concerns and respond to emergency situations. They are also often unfamiliar with important resources that can enhance the senior’s life and prolong the senior’s ability to remain at home.

Additional concerns arise when one considers the financial implications of hiring someone privately. Qualified agencies provide workman’s compensation insurance. They withhold Medicare and Social Security for their employees and require that caregivers are bonded and pass background checks to protect the assets of seniors they are caring for. While seniors and their families can perform background and reference checks, they might not be as accurate or comprehensive as those provided by a reliable Oklahoma home care agency.

Caregivers take vacations, become ill and are sometimes unreliable. When they do not show up for work, seniors struggle to meet day to day needs safely and independently. This can lead to slips and falls or other accidents that cause permanent harm. When a reputable agency is involved, caregivers are held accountable to their schedules, and backup care is always arranged if the primary caregiver is unavailable.

The decision to hire a caregiver is an important one, and it should never be taken lightly. If you are considering a private caregiver, educate yourself about the pros and cons of this course of action versus enlisting the help of an agency to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

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