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At-Home Treatments for Psoriasis Relief

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Psoriasis is an unpleasant skin condition that causes skin cells to build up rapidly, resulting in a scaly, itchy rash. Though some medical procedures can provide relief, there are also many home remedies that at-home caregivers in Oklahoma can use to help ease the itching and reduce the appearance of psoriasis scales.


Who doesn’t love a little pampering every now and then? Not only are massages relaxing, but they are also a great way to reduce pain and relieve stress, which can sometimes trigger a psoriasis flare-up. It is particularly beneficial for seniors who also have psoriatic arthritis.

Tea Tree Oil

A good natural solution for itchy psoriasis is tea tree oil because it’s an antibacterial that is used to heal many skin conditions. Some people find that it can help remove the scales made from dead skin cells. Just be cautious of using too much because it can also irritate the skin.

Stay Hydrated

Many seniors with psoriasis do not realize just how much dehydration can affect their condition. Drinking a lot of water and using a humidifier can keep skin moist and cut down on itching and flaking.

Salt Water Soaks

A quarter cup of Dead Sea salt can be added to mildly warm bathwater. This salt-water soak can reduce the burning and itching of psoriasis because pure salt kills bacteria in and around wounds like psoriasis.

Avoid Triggers

Red meat, saturated fats, cigarettes, and perfumes have all been linked to psoriasis flare-ups. Providers of senior care in Oklahoma believe seniors can reduce psoriasis symptoms by avoiding contact with these items.

UV Light Therapy

Ultraviolet light rays shone on the affected area of skin can help to reduce the size of a flare-up by penetrating into the skin and slowing down cell growth. You can use a light box to get regular UV treatments at home.


Moisturizing is essential to reducing itching. Right after a shower, use a thick lotion on areas with psoriasis patches. You can then seal the moisture into your elderly loved one’s skin by gently rubbing olive oil over the area.

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