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The Benefits of Respite Care

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Providing care to an aging or ill family member has many rewards, yet there will often come a time when trying to balance all of your responsibilities can lead to conflict. When this happens, respite care in Oklahoma is an option that is available for caregivers who need occasional breaks from their duties while knowing that their loved one is in competent hands. Whether you are beginning to feel the burnt out or have other pressing obligations, respite care can provide a wealth of benefits for you and your senior loved one.

Improved Family Relationships

It may seem an odd to think that someone outside of your family circle could bring you all closer together, but having some space is often exactly what families need, especially if you are an adult child providing home care to an aging parent. This is because changing roles can be hard for everyone to accept. Respite care can provide a little breathing room for everyone while your family adjusts during the transition.

Rest and Relaxation

Oklahoma caregivers are well known for having a to-do list a mile long, and it can be hard to remember to take a break. With respite care, you can create scheduled visits that remind you to take time out for yourself on an ongoing basis. Spend a few hours engaged in your favorite pursuits or just take a nap. You’ll feel refreshed when you return to your caregiving responsibilities, and your loved one will benefit from having a caregiver who is free from stress.

Better Overall Health

Think back to when you last visited the doctor or worked out regularly. Maybe you have been skipping meals or not getting enough sleep. Like most caregivers, you have probably skimped on your own health since you began caring for your loved one. Respite care can give you the opportunity to schedule those much-needed exams or just take a walk so that that you can begin to renew your physical energy. Respite care can also benefit your loved one’s health by providing a caregiver who helps to keep him or her safe while offering a second set of eyes that can watch out for signs of potential health problems.

Opportunities for Socialization

A major concern among caregivers is whether or not their loved one is getting enough opportunities to socialize, which is essential to maintaining mental and emotional health. Respite care is a perfect solution because just having another person in the home can provide an instant lift to a senior’s spirits. A respite caregiver can also provide transportation for your loved one to local events or meetings with friends. You can enjoy the chance to attend work functions, have a date with your spouse, and catch up with friends knowing your loved one is enjoying his or her opportunity to socialize as well.

With the right support, meeting your loved one’s care needs will feel more manageable. Reach out to Home Care Assistance, and learn more about elder care Oklahoma families trust. We offer customized care schedules, and our caregivers can help with everything from transportation and errands to personal grooming and incontinence. Call us today at 405-285-4191. We are here to help.

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