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How to Create a Daily Plan for Elderly with Alzheimer’s

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Taking care of a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s can be challenging. Creating a stable routine, however, can help both a senior as well as his or her hourly or live-in caregiver more easily adjust to life after the diagnosis. The following steps can help you create a stable and enjoyable routine for your loved one.

Create a Schedule Around the Individual

It’s important to create a daily routine that is enjoyable and stimulating, yet not overwhelming for your loved one. Everything from mealtimes and bathing to exercise and extracurricular activities should be done at the same time each day. Try to plan a variety of activities that include interaction with other people and going outdoors when the weather will allow.

Consult with a Professional

It’s important to understand what stage of Alzheimer’s your loved one is in when planning a routine, as seniors in the early stages are often totally functional and independent while those in the later stages require around-the-clock help. While the exact stage can’t always be definitively defined, a physician can make recommendations regarding what activities the person is easily capable of doing.

Post a Calendar

Whether it’s an actual daily calendar or simply a list, it’s important to clearly write down exactly what will be done each day. If your loved one is still able to read the calendar, encourage him or her to do so each morning as part of the routine. If he or she is not able to read it, the take the time to read it for him or her.

Be Willing to Make Adjustments

Your loved one’s mental and physical state will change over time. This may mean stopping some activities and starting new ones. However, Oklahoma senior home care professionals advise that too much change at once could be detrimental. Make changes to only one activity at a time to avoid over-stimulating or confusing your loved one, which can lead to outbursts or other challenging behaviors.

Managing your loved one’s care needs feels more manageable with the right resources and support. Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma can provide the additional help you need and your loved one deserves. Our trusted Oklahoma Alzheimer’s care ensures seniors of all abilities have assistance with a wide variety of daily tasks any time of day or night. For more information, please call 405-285-4191 and speak with a dedicated Care Manager today.

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