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10 Useful Gadgets for the Elderly

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In the past, getting seniors to adopt the latest technology was difficult and often met with much resistance. However today’s new technologies are not only extremely beneficial for seniors, many are easy to use. Whether your aging loved one needs help running errands or assistance with household chores, these 10 useful gadgets presented by Oklahoma Home Care Assistance may be perfect for keeping your loved one organized, safe and independent at home:

  1. 3Medis – Remembering to take medication on a daily basis can be difficult for some seniors, especially if they have multiple medications to manage. Fortunately, there is the 3Medis pill box by Miguel Vaz. This high-tech pill dispenser uses a vivid picture display and voice alerts to remind seniors of their next dosing period.
  2. Breadcrumbs Personal Locator – Never ask for directions again as the Breadcrumbs personal locator will help you find your way. With a digital compass and distance display, seniors can easily map their current location and receive easy to understand directions at the same time.
  3. Night Owl Motion Light – Making late-night runs to a poorly lit bathroom or kitchen can be very dangerous for a senior. The Night Owl motion light makes it easy to navigate through the dark, helping seniors to prevent trips and falls. Every time the apparatus senses movement, six bright LED lights will come on and shine light on the area.
  4. Mnemonic – Designed by Ming Kiang Tan, the Mnemonic is a device was created to help seniors with memory loss. The sleek apparatus wraps around the wrist and is programmable, giving the elderly visual and vocal reminders for daily tasks, events, and meetings. For seniors with more complex memory care needs, a trained in-home caregiver may offer a higher level of assistance and safety. Click here to learn more about dementia care at home.
  5. EZ Eyes Large Print Keyboard – EZ Eyes Large Print Keyboard has completely altered the way seniors use the computer. With larger keys, and a high contrast backdrop, this gizmo allows those with reduced vision and motor skills to type and better navigate the online web and other online communications.
  6. ZTE Corp Softbank Cell Phone – The ZTE Corp Softbank cell phone is a simple alternative to high-tech mobile devices. With a singular button used for all outgoing calls and automatic GPS pin-pointing, seniors everywhere can make emergency calls or maintain communication with relatives and caregivers effortlessly.
  7. Sonamba Monitoring System – At first glance, the Sonamba monitoring system may seem like an interactive digital frame, but a closer look would reveal that it is a health tracker and an emergency response system. Numerous apps throughout the interface monitor the well-being of the senior while also keeping track of their prescriptions.
  8. IC Social Communication Tool – Geared towards the elderly, this tablet has all of the major features of a high-tech tablet, but none of the headaches. Use the IC Social Communication Tool to access the internet and manage contacts through touch screen and voice activation commands.
  9. VIP Talking Thermostat – For the blind or visually impaired, changing the temperature on the thermostat can be a grueling burden. The VIP Talking Thermostat can help. With digital command features, you can quickly change the temperature simply by using your voice.
  10. Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor – Seniors with cardiovascular issues should always use a monitoring device especially while exercising. The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor allows seniors to engage in physically activities safely as it tracks irregular heartbeats and alerts you to any high readings.

If you are still concerned about the safety of an aging parent or loved one living at home, additional help may be the ideal solution. Although we are Edmond and Oklahoma’s live-in care experts, we also provide hourly care which can offer your loved one the minimal support they need, on a flexible as-needed schedule. Reach out to us today at 405-285-4191 for more information or to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.

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