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Social Seniors: The Social Media Revolution for Older Adults

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Did you know seniors are the fastest-growing demographic on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter? It’s true and, when you think about it, not all that surprising. After all, social media is like chicken soup for the aging soul. It’s got just what many seniors need to feel alive and connected with other people. Today, Oklahoma Home Care Assistance is going to explore just how great social media is for the aging population.

Staying Connected

Specializing in live-in care in Oklahoma, we know that staying socially connected isn’t just fun for seniors; it’s an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Older people in regular contact with friends and family are happier and feel more engaged than those left to a state of isolation.

Social media is a revolution for keeping in touch with loved ones, and Oklahoma seniors strongly benefit from this unprecedented level of access. Being able to share moments, pictures, special events, and otherwise hidden concerns at will with friends and family is a godsend for the connection-craving senior. It’s a convenient and fun way to reach out and communicate that previous generations of elders didn’t have, but certainly would have loved.

Exploring Interests

It’s time to put away the notion that older people have dull minds and few interests. Just like the rest of us, older adults have a variety of active interests and need meaningful outlets for exploring them, whether it’s gardening, comic strips, cooking, or astronomy. For many, social media is the answer. Social networks like Facebook are ideal for exploring hobbies, hearing the latest news, and learning new things about the world.

Older adults often increase their viewing of television programs in their latter years, mainly because they are bored. However, television is a mental dead end. Seniors benefit from mental exercise that stimulates their cognition. Unlike television, social media offers an abundance of intriguing articles, photos and videos that ward off boredom and engage the brain at the same time. In fact, Oklahoma Alzheimer’s care experts claim that social media and the internet can aid in reducing a senior’s risk for memory care in the future.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more seniors are joining the social media revolution. For more information about senior health and wellness, contact Home Care Assistance of Oklahoma at 405-285-4191. We look forward to hearing from you!

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