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4 Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s on St. Patrick’s Day

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Even if your loved one isn’t Irish, he or she may still be interested in St. Patrick’s Day-themed activities, and many of these activities may be beneficial if he or she is living with Alzheimer’s disease. Participating in the St. Patrick’s Day activities could trigger memories, help boost your loved one’s mood, and give you a great opportunity to bond. To make the mood more festive and to set a fun tone, ask everyone to wear green clothing or accessories. 

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1. St. Patrick’s Day Paintings

This activity gives your loved one something pretty to look at and also helps stimulate his or her brain. Painting the shamrock, pot of gold and rainbows, or leprechaun could stir up your loved one’s dormant memories. The activity could also encourage conversation whether your loved one is painting or watching you paint the St. Patrick’s Day portrait. Art is a form of therapy that can help your loved one remember people, places, and things from before he or she developed Alzheimer’s.  

2. St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Large crowds can be overwhelming for seniors with Alzheimer’s, but your loved one does not need to miss the parade completely. Your loved one can watch a local or national St. Patrick’s Day parade on television. The parades typically include Irish-themed bands and music, leprechaun mascots, and floats. Seeing the parade on television could help your loved one think about old times, especially good memories pertaining to past parades. 

3. Green Smoothies

This holiday is known for green beer and pubs, but your loved one should avoid drinking alcohol. Instead, make green smoothies, which are full of ingredients that can boost brain power and increase your loved one’s concentration levels. The leafy greens used in a green smoothie contain the vitamins necessary to fight Alzheimer’s and stop its progression. In addition to kale and spinach, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Green-colored apples
  • Avocado 
  • Apple juice 

The iron, fatty acids, and vitamins found in this smoothie can boost your loved one’s health and help keep up the St. Patrick’s Day tradition of making green drinks. 

4. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo 

This activity can enhance the cognitive performance of seniors with Alzheimer’s. Find a variety of St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards. If you want to get creative, have your loved one help you design the bingo cards using stickers that represent the holiday. You can also download bingo cards with St. Patrick’s Day designs instead of numbers, such as gold pots, leprechaun printouts, shamrock stamps, green boots, and more. At the top of the card tape the phrase “lucky” instead of bingo. Playing the game can help your loved one boost his or her thinking and playing skills.

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