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How Using Your Brain Staves Off Memory Loss

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Researchers from Iowa State University believe that they have found definitive proof that exercising the brain prevents dementia and memory loss. The group recently identified two neural proteins that may protect delicate neurons from damage associated with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. If these findings are conclusive, Oklahoma Alzheimer’s home caregivers can help seniors reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by stimulating cognitive function.

The Investigation Begins

When evaluating data compiled by the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, the team found consistent evidence of the neuronal pentraxin-2 and the Chitinase-3-like-protein-1 proteins. The amount of the proteins present was related to the severity of memory loss and brain volume. With this information in hand, the scientists decided to conduct a study of their own. 

Testing the Theory

The group gathered 285 seniors that each underwent preliminary assessments to determine their current level of cognitive function. The examination found that 86 of the volunteers demonstrated normal brain function, 135 were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and the remaining 64 were found to have Alzheimer’s disease. After the first evaluation, each individual was again assessed after six months, one year and two years for the level of both proteins. 

By studying the protein levels of the participants, the scientists found that the more proteins the individuals had, the better their memory and the healthier their brains. This observation led the team to believe that NPTX2 has protective effects that reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer’s. They also determined that the amount of proteins found in the brain enabled the researchers to monitor the degree of cell damage, memory loss and brain volume depletion. 

Lifestyle Matters

After assessing the individual backgrounds of the subjects, the university staff found that the participants who had the most education, complex jobs and socially active lifestyles were the ones with the highest level of proteins. They concluded that the “use it or lose it” phrase seemed to be a valid statement in terms of brain and cognitive health. The more time that people spend learning, training their brains or otherwise exercising their mental abilities, the more they are actually strengthening their brain and preventing cognitive decline.

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