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Top 10 Veggies for Promoting Better Memory

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In Oklahoma, senior care professionals often recommend seniors follow a vegetable-based diet. Veggies can play an important role in boosting memory and slowing down cognitive decline in aging adults. If you’re a family caregiver, here are a few vegetables you can serve your senior loved one to promote better cognitive health.

1. Beets

Beets boost the blood flow into the brain, making seniors feel more energetic. The greens are also full of potassium, which can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s in aging adults.

2. Broccoli

Age can cause the brain nerves to slow down. Broccoli can help enhance nerve functioning, and it contains folate acid, which aids in preventing dementia.

3. Spinach

Spinach is a rich source of folate. This green leafy vegetable also helps reduce inflammation in the brain, which may be important in preventing strokes. 

4. Garbanzo Beans

Magnesium speeds up message transmission to the brain, making a senior alert and mentally active. Magnesium-rich garbanzo beans not only enhance mental health, but also help seniors keep their balance.

5. Yams

The potassium in yams is important in keeping a senior mentally active and alert. Make sure to include yams in your loved one’s diet.

6. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is packed with choline, a compound which can slow down cognitive decline in aging adults. For this reason, cauliflower is often advised for seniors with dementia.

7. Asparagus 

Folate helps increase response times and mental flexibility. A great way to make sure your loved one gets enough folate is to serve asparagus regularly. This green vegetable is also full of fiber and vitamins A, C, E, and K. 

8. Watercress

Do not simply walk by the watercress when you go grocery shopping for your loved one. The vitamin C in watercress may help repair brain tissue, without medical intervention. 

9. Brussels Sprouts

If your aging parent or grandparent gets anxious at times, consider cooking Brussels sprouts for him or her. Its vitamin B6 can help your loved one stay calm. 

10. Cabbage

Eating cabbage regularly can stop plaque from forming in your loved one’s brain. Doctors suggest this plaque building is one of the many reasons for Alzheimer’s in aging adults.

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