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What to Ask an Elder Care Attorney

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As a trusted provider of senior care in Oklahoma, we know firsthand that as people age, there may be times when they need a loving relative or caregiver to take care of complex issues that are particular to the elderly population. That is why an experienced elder care attorney is a great asset for a family to have in order to assist them with the next phase of the life of their loved ones. During the first consultation, there are pertinent questions that once answered, make families more confident in the care they provide their older relatives.

Money Matters

How do I protect my loved one’s assets?
What income tax issues do I need to be prepared for?
Will my loved one still owe taxes if they do not have employment income, but receive dividends from investments?
What do I need to do to legally handle their finances?

Medical Care Concerns

What are the options in the event my loved one needs long-term medical care?
How do I file a social security or disability claim on behalf of my loved one?
How do I report elder abuse by a caregiver or rehabilitation center?
What if I don’t agree with the level of care provided by my loved one’s doctor?

Powers of Attorney and Guardianships

Does my loved one need a Power of Attorney or Attorney-in-fact?
What are guardianships and how do I know if I need to be a guardian?
How do I approach my loved one with the possibility of my handling their finances if they are disagreeable?

Estate Planning

What is the difference between a Last Will and Testament and a Trust?
Are Trusts just for wealthy people?
What happens to the assets of an incompetent person if they don’t have a Will?
Can Wills be revoked?

When planning for your loved one’s future, you might also want to consider long-term home care options in the event he or she one day needs additional support with everyday tasks. It’s never too early to be prepared, and Home Care Assistance can help. We offer part-time and live-in care for seniors, as well as comprehensive stroke, Alzheimer’s, and dementia home care in Oklahoma. Give a Care Manager a call today at 405-285-4191 for more information.

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